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El. Venizelou 2 & Old National Road, 26504, Patras


Our team consists of scientists and technicians with a broad knowledge of the subject. Their continuous training is our top priority.

Our company offers competitive prices based on client’s needs.

The work that is conducted by our company follows high quality standards.

Time works for the bet interests of our company. Knowledge and experience are factors which are conducive to the birth of new ideas, new methods, new collaborations and new horizons.

Technology may be our object of work, but our workers are our top priority. The health and safety of the public and our partners is always at the forefront.

Our technicians complete and deliver the company’s tasks respecting their work environment.

And for these reasons we succeeded:

  • The completion of large quality projects throughout Greece.
  • The conclusion of stable strategic partnerships with suppliers and customers
  • The excellent corporate culture
  • Universal recognition

Zeuxis Tel is a company that not only creates networks but also gives solutions. It is a company which connects the present with the future.


When we first founded the Zeuxis Company in 2015, we were not thinking about the present. We were not setting any time frames in our activity. Our goal was not to create a company which would remain in the mediocrity of the existence of another telecommunication company.

Zeuxis Tel is not only the study, the supply, the installation or the maintenance of telecommunication networks but it is also something more than what clients want.

For these reasons we have invested in the following:

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