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Cabling infrastructure is the installation of wired infrastructure and the necessary materials such as, wiring, plugs and distributors whose purpose is the smooth operation of a data and voice transmission network. It is necessary for the operation of every business. With the spread of the Internet it is now considered necessary in modern housing.

Structured cabling facilities are considered an open architecture and use standard materials and topology.

It consists of individual autonomous subsystems:

Horizontal cabling: this term means the section of the cabling installed on a floor -a level which includes the port or patch panel and all the part of the cabling which serves the specific level and is connected to the vertical wiring.

Vertical cabling: with this term we mean the cabling system which connects horizontal cabling referring to the connection of different levels or level groups of horizontal cabling.

Zeuxis Tel specifically offers:

The study of systems networks cabling infrastructure either with copper wires or fiber optics according to current international standards (ANSI/TIA/EIA/ISO/IEC/CENELEC)

The supply of all equipment distributors, telephone sockets, data, racks,patch panels, wire managers, fiber optic fibers, cable clips, power strips, ups, voltage stabilizers, special air conditioners or ventilation fans for built -in wiring facilities, UTP wiring , FTP cat 5e, cat6, cat7e and fiber optics wiring).

The total installation of wiring in any way (inside false ceilings in separate cable trays or in tubes, walls inside plastic channels, in underfloor special channels). The connection and the terminating of the cables in the terminal sockets, their installation either to channels or wall terminal boxes.

The settlement, the connection, the termination and labeling of the cables of the structured cabling system to the patch panels and distributors.

The measurement of the whole cabling network and the certified installation with special certified instruments.

Την μέτρηση όλου του δικτύου δομημένης καλωδίωσης και την πιστοποίηση της εγκατάστασης με ειδικά πιστοποιημένα όργανα.

The delivery of a complete file with construction and operational plans of the installation as well as the network measurement results in paper and electronic form.

Zeuxis Tel uses sophisticated control and measurement instruments and with our specialized technical staff we deliver to our clients guaranteed excellent construction and installation.

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