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We welcome you to the era of fiber optic residential networks which Greece is gradually entering. What should be signified is that fiber optic connections of a residence consist literally the next step to the upgrading of telecommunications networks which are in progress.

The greatest asset of the FTTH connection is the speed access they offer, as they can reach 1Gbps or if you prefer 1024Mbps. The 1Gbps connection is currently considered impressively high not only for uploading but also for downloading.

Apart from the high speeds, FTTH has a lot more advantages. The stability of the connection and the very low latency. For applications like online gaming, low latency may be more significant than extremely high speeds.

In general, the updating of a connection to FTTH is something the consumer is worth doing as it is more reliable, faster and offers quality access to the network.

Zeuxis Tel is a pioneer in the field of optic fiber and networks consisting of experienced and knowledgeable technical staff the offers to clients the design and construction of FTTH for residential houses, block of flats, factories, businesses and offices.

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